Child's Tricycle All Terrain Tires Adjustable Seat Tilting Handlebars Ages 3-6 Made in USA

Child's Tricycle All Terrain Tires Adjustable Seat Tilting Handlebars Ages 3-6 Made in USA - Omni Gift Shop
$ 355.00
Made in the USA

by American Workers
"The World's Best Tricycle"  
SHIPS FREE to all States, except for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  For shipment to these areas, please contact the seller for surcharge to these areas before placing your order.

Product Description:
  •     Ages:                        3-6
  •     Length:                     34"
  •     Width:                       24"
  •     Weight:                     41 lbs. Ship Weight
  •     Seat to center axle:  Closest = 10" Farthest 18"
  •     Tires:                        Knobby Pneumatic
  •     Heavy duty steel rims
  •     5/8" steel ball bearings
  •     Wide profile dished seat
  •     Large comfort pedals w/recessed amber reflectors
  • Shipped UNASSEMBLED directly from the manufacturer in Kansas.  Instructions are included in packaging.Colors:   Blue, Green and Red
  • The Dirt King Children's Tricycle is built and rides like no other, heralded by day care centers and parents as "the world's best tricycle!"  The Dirt King is virtually indestructible.  Hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel. 
  • The Dirt King Children's Tricycle comes equipped with all terrain pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. 
  • The adjustable seat and tilting handle-bars allow the Dirt King Children's Tricycle to adapt with your growing youngster for years of thrills and healthy fun and exercise! 
  • Unlike with typical solid tire trikes, rugged ground is no match for the Dirt King.  Thanks to its air-filled flotation tires, making old and uneven sidewalks and gravel yards just another Sunday drive.  So if you're tired of frail and little wimpy trikes, it's time to move on up to the smooth riding Dirt King Children's Tricycle.  It's the trike your kids will pass on to their grand kids!
  • A Tough & Rugged children's Tricycle:
  • The traditional children's tricycle is one that is offered usually with simple design and made of either plastic or wood.  The Dirt King is made of 14 and 16 gauge steel and was engineered to be passed on to future generations. 
  • The Dirt King is ideal for parents who are looking for their first outdoor children's tricycle.  Like all other children's tricycles, the Dirt King has no braking method aside from putting your feet down on the ground.  The design is one that has the adjustable seat sitting above the back wheels and partially below the front wheel. 
  • The over sized tires are designed to roll over any terrain and makes riding on gravel, grass, and uneven sidewalks a breeze. 
  • The smooth ride comes from the Dirt King's 5/8 inch ball-bearings.  The over-sized front wheel, similar to the popular "big wheel," is made to make it easier to maneuver for some children.