Wooden Doll Bed Post Style White Pine Large 14" x 32" Handcrafted in USA

Wooden Doll Bed Post Style White Pine Large 14" x 32" Handcrafted in USA - Omni Gift Shop
$ 99.95
Wooden Doll Bed
Children's Play Furniture
Large Size 14" x 32"
Ponderosa White Pine.
(Model W-2532)
Hand-Crafted in the U.S.A.
Custom-Made Mattress/Pillow Set for this bed
is sold in this store under the category "Doll Bedding"
Also proudly made in the USA!

This precious Child's Wooden Doll Bed, which is styled after the old Poster Beds, has a very high Headboard and with a high Footboard.  Both the Headboard and the Footboard have wooden balls on top of the Bed Posts.  The bed surface has 3 slats underneath running in between the Bed Side-Rails with a Bed Surface Panel on top to hold a mattress (not furnished). 

This is the Large Size Wooden Doll Bed, with two other sizes, Small and Medium which are also carried in this store.

The Child's Wooden Doll Bed is finished with a Brown Hand Rubbed Oil Finish.  The color is a non-toxic stain-like impregnated finish.
  • The Doll Bed measures 14" x 32" inside dimensions.
  • Weight:  21 lbs.
  • For ages 1-1/2 and up.
  • Some assembly is required.  The Headboard and Foot Board sections are fully assembled.  The Side Rails are also assembled.  the Head & Foot sections are marked accordingly for assembly to the Side Rails by the insertion of (2) screws at each corner.  Wood Buttons are then tapped into place to cover the screw holes.  The usage of some simple white glue may be used to secure the buttons.  Then simply lay in the (3) Slats in position equally spaced and then lay the panel on to of them to complete the assembly.
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"THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS"® are created for the safety and education of all.  They were designed for young children, but it was soon discovered that every person in the family was the kid having fun.  While having fun, learning skills are very apparent.  These wooden toys help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving and reasoning skills, plus many others.

Fun, colorful and sturdy wood products to delight any child.  Playtime favorites include stacking hamburgers and sandwiches, banks, marble games, furniture, puzzles, pounding pegs, a complete farm and kitchen series, and much more.  Check this Seller's Store listings in the Children's Corner for some of the latter items hand-crafted by "THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS"®.  Completely safe, non-toxic and washable.

This toy has the following qualities and capabilities:
  •     Non-Toxic (safe in child's mouth)
  •     Water-Resistant.
  •     Washable.
  •     Heat-Resistant.
  •     Decorative and Conversational throughout the house.
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